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About Us

Federal Parking is a professional parking and transportation management company engaged in the development, design, engineering, leasing, management, operations, and ownership of public and private parking facilities. Federal Parking also provides advisory and consulting services to owners, architects, and developers of parking facilities throughout the United States and internationally.

Federal offers comprehensive services for multi-level garage structures, surface parking lots, and mixed-use shared parking facilities. Federal also serves specialty industry sectors including government complexes, medical centers, university campuses, aviation and port facilities, and hotels.

Federal also enters into development and management joint ventures with land owners, building owners, institutional investment funds, and individual investors in both developed and emerging markets in primary and secondary metropolitan areas.

Federal’s team of parking managers, consultants, designers, and engineers work diligently to control and manage each facility’s revenue and expense, implement optimal operating plans, and create comprehensive building and parking solutions.

Federal provides comprehensive and integrated parking services including traffic flow analysis, event management, valet parking, shuttle bus transportation, computerized audits, garage refurbishment, facility automation, comprehensive reporting, and preparation of marketing and operational strategic plans.

For a corporate brochure, please contact inquiry@federalparking.net.

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